Drupal Themer/Front End

Blink Reaction

A Themer possesses expert knowledge of front-end technologies and a mastery of the Drupal theme layer. Understands the value of semantic, standards-based, markup and clean, portable CSS. JavaScript experience is preferred. This person can interpret visual designs into code. They are experienced with the complementary skills of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They can use theme functions and may be able to create custom modules to implement hooks to create the displays they need.

Daily responsibilities

  • Builds responsive, everything-first, experiences for our customers.
  • Writes CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code.
  • Writes PHP templates and theme hooks as required.
  • Provides consultation to other technical resources on theming principles.
  • Follows creative guidelines (e.g. style guides) in a project.
  • Provides first line of defense browser testing of all UI code.

Skype: helen.shakhmatova; e-mail: careersua@blinkreaction.com