Drupal Group Architect

Blink Reaction

Position Details:

A Group Architect is the core of technical excellence in a given program group. They work directly with the Solutions Excellence team to create and nurture technology guidelines and practices in the delivery team. They should be a demonstrated leader and capable of delivering complicated technical solutions on demand. They will directly interface with team leads to maintain quality and consistency among client delivery.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Enforces code quality and standards within a program group.
  • Provides technical oversight and mentoring to team leads.
  • Integrated with the Solutions Excellence Team in helping with creating and maintaining our guiding principles of technical delivery.
  • Sign off on/approve technical architecture as required.
  • Provide input to technical architecture and requirements as needed.
  • Enforces code review of Team Leads.
  • 50% billing allows for development, guidance, and architecture. (See Team Lead role for potential additional responsibility)
  • Sales support


  • Submits time daily as required for their 50% utilization.
  • Proactively follows vacation, work from home, and sick time policies
  • Set yearly goals with team leads under the supervision of the Program Manager and other named executive leadership
  • Provide proactive feedback, nurturing and guidance to Team Leads.
  • Team Lead Management

We offer:

  • Working in a professional team
  • Motivating salary
  • Ability to train and gain experience
  • 8- hour workday
  • Flexible working hours
  • Office in the city center (Nikolayev, Lvov, Donetsk)
  • Paid leave
  • Business trips abroad
  • Free cookies ;)

Skype: helen.shakhmatova;
e-mail: careersua@blinkreaction.com